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Humidifier Service Kit - 1 Year


Humidifier Service Kit - 1 Year
Pad Treatment - 8 oz Bottle • Humidifier Pads - 4-Pack

Item #: Dampp-Chaser - DC Humidifier Service Kit 1

The Pad Treatment and Humidifier Pads included in this kit are good for one year under normal conditions. Very dry conditions may require more Pad Treatment.

Pad Treatment: Specifically formulated for the Dampp-Chaser Humidifier, Pad Treatment prolongs Humidifier Pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build-up in the Humidifier tank. DIRECTIONS: When adding water to the Humidifier, add 1 capful of Treatment to each can.

Humidifier Pads: Should be changed twice each year, one package of pads includes two pad changes. Humidifier Pads wick water across the Humidifier Heater Bar to bring moisture into the piano. If the pads are caked with mineral deposits or hardened on top, the Humidifier will not be effective.

  • (1) bottle Pad Treatment - 8 oz
  • (4) replacement Humidifier Pads (for two pad changes)
  • (1) black Humidifier tank liner
  • (1) clear Humidifier tank liner for an older "tall" upright piano tank
  • (2) Clean Sleeves ® which fit over the Humidifier Heater Bar to protect it from corrosion caused by too many minerals in the water
  • Instructions for changing the Pads
Sale Price: $16.00