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König Finish Repair

Finest Touch-Up Products Available

Furniture • Pianos • Cabinets • Flooring • Tile • Ceramic • Windows • Doors

Visit Konig Training for Presentations, Application Tips and Videos.
Instructions, Technical Application and Safety Data Sheet available on individual product pages.
Polyester Polyester
Finest Polyester
Repair Available!
Touch-up Touch-up
Furniture • Flooring
Ceramic Finish Repair
Premium Aerosols Premium Aerosols
Amazing "No-Halo"
Fast Dry Repairs
QuikWood Epoxy Putty QuikWood Epoxy Putty
Wood Repair Stick
Abrasives Abrasives
Pro Sandpaper
& Steel Wool
Rex-Lith Gel Filler Rex-Lith Gel Filler
Ideal for Corners and Deep Damage
Polish and Cleaning Polish and Cleaning
Polish • Compound
Cleaner • Thinner
Power Buffing Tools Power Buffing Tools
Polisher • Buffing
Wheels & Pads