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Repairing Black/Ebony Polyester

We highly recommend the recently revised and comprehensive Polyester Repair Manual. Products needed to do proper polyester repairs are available in the Intermediate Black Kit and Advanced Complete Kit. If starting new, the Intermediate Black is for black (ebony) finishes and the Advanced Complete is for black (ebony), white, and clear coat (wood) finishes. For those who already have polyester/touch-up tools and experience, the Intermediate Black and Advanced Complete Kits provides a list of included items with hyperlinks to the individual product pages for comparison of needed parts.

Polyester Intensive Black is a concentrated dye made especially for high gloss polyester ebony finishes, which matches many non-Asian pianos. For Asian pianos, the color can be adjusted by adding Asian Black Pigment. We also carry Black w/Brown Hue, Black w/Green Hue, and Black w/Blue Hue pigments for finishes that require these respective tints. All Black Pigments must be mixed with Intensive Black Dye when being added to Polyester Lacquer. To form new corners and fill in deep gouges, we recommend using Rex Lith Gel Filler.

Thin Finish: One of the most frustrating things that can happen during a finish repair is sanding through a thin finish or a finish repair area that is so thin that a traditional repair is not feasible. In the past, it required building up the finish with repair material, allowing it to cure, and going through the whole process – risking a sand-through.

Acrylic Enamel to the rescue! We had this topcoat formulated as a much simpler solution. The color mixing for shades of black is the same as a traditional repair. For complete information and instructions go to Acrylic Enamel Information. For best results, use an air-brush or Preval Spray System to apply.