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Konig Application Videos


Furniture Surfaces

Burn Mark: Artist Brush

Dent: Hard Wax

Edge Rub: Edging Pen

Sand Through: Color Touch-Up

Minor Scratch: Soft Wax

Scratch: Table Top

Product and Tools

Butane Hot Knife

Cellulose Thinner

Liquid Sandpaper

Edging Pen

Shade Equalizer

Special Filler Applicator

Special Repair Lacquer

Special Scraper

Touch-up Dye Pen

Flooring and Stairs

Minor Gouge: Hard Wax Plus

Ceramics, Tiles and Countertops

Laminate Gouge: Hard Wax PLUS

Laminate Scratch: Acrylic Lacquer

Hole in Floor or Wall Tile

Small Laminate Damaga

Scratch on Natural Stone

Small Damage on Ceramic

Windows and Doors

Broken Corner: Rex-Lith

Small Wood Window Damage